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Tinyschool helps developers learn new skills, get mentorship, build real-world projects and find a job in top global teams|

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How it works?

1. Learn

Learn with curated learning paths, mentorship, live sessions and peer community.

2. Practice

Finish real-world projects, Identify your skill gaps and build your skill profile.

3. Better job

Get direct intros to global teams, or perform better at your current workplace.

Why Tinyschool?

The nature of work is changing. The workplaces of the future require a new set of skills. Educational institutions today are not doing this. Tinyschool will help you prepare for the future of work. With the right combination of self-learning, coaching, peer communities, and practice, we will help you find jobs in top global teams, with or without a degree. We are building the future of education. Be part of it today.

Prepare for a modern workplace

Learn skills necessary to meet the requirements of global teams

Tinyschool learning paths for for developers

Curated learning paths

Browse and learn from learning paths curated by experts. Learn at your own pace.

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An online school

Join live classes with experts and other developers in the similar stage of your journey. Keep each other accountable and make progress.

Tinyschool Project Based Learning

Real world projects

Learn by doing. Complete real-life projects to take your learning to a new level. Receive feedback from experts.

Tinyschool profile

Build your skill profile

Showcase the skills you learned and the projects you completed. Find teams that fit your values, vision and skillset.

Learning, but so much better

Make learning fun and engaging. Learn at your own pace.

Without Tinyschool
  • 🤔No idea where to get started
  • 🤷🏽‍♂️Mindlessly consume random content
  • 😭Scattered learning
  • 🥴Lose motivation and give up
You'll love it like localhost
With Tinyschool
  • 💚Find skills that matters
  • 📚Start learning with curated content
  • 🙋🏽‍♀️Get 1:1 feedback from experts
  • 👫Learn with group Q&A sessions
  • 🛠Finish a real-life project
  • 🎤Resume reviews and mock interviews
  • 🤝Curated intros to top companies
  • 😇A better career in Tech

Work is changing. Are you ready?

Accelerate your career with skills from Tinyschool

  • Self-directed
  • Project-based
  • Group live sessions