Learn career skills with curated roadmaps

Tinyschool helps developers learn new skills, get mentorship, build real-world projects and find a job in top global teams|

How it works?

1. Learn

Learn with curated learning paths, mentorship, live sessions and peer community.

2. Practice

Finish real-world projects, Identify your skill gaps and build your skill profile.

3. Better job

Get direct intros to global teams, or perform better at your current workplace.

Why Tinyschool?

The nature of work is changing. The workplaces of the future require a new set of skills. Educational institutions today are not doing this. Tinyschool will help you prepare for the future of work. With the right combination of self-learning, coaching, peer communities, and practice, we will help you find jobs in top global teams, with or without a degree. Welcome to the future of professional education.