Software Engineering Concepts

Introduction to some engineering concepts which will help you become a better engineer. The difference between a good and great engineer depends a lot on the knowledge of things that are outside programming and the below concepts are supposed to help you get there.

Skill level: Mid-level
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Continuous Deployment

Continuous deployment is a strategy for software releases wherein any code commit that passes the automated testing phase is automatically released into the production environment, making changes that are visible to the software's users. Let's learn more about continous deployment and its working mechanisms.

Technical Debt

Technical debt is the coding you must do tomorrow because you took a shortcut in order to deliver the software today. Let's know about Tech debt in detail and the types of Tech debts.

Monitoring and Logs

Logging is a method of tracking and storing data to ensure application availability and to assess the impact of state transformations on performance. Monitoring is a diagnostic tool used for alerting DevOps to system-related issues by analyzing metrics. Let's learn about it in detail in this session.


estimation is a process to predict the time and the cost that a project requires to be finished appropriately. Lets learn about the importance of project estimation and different estimaion techniques.

Dynamic configuration

Dynamic configuration is the ability to change the behavior and functionality of a running system without requiring application restart. This session explains all about dynamic configuration.

A better version of yourself awaits you!