Product Management for Engineers

This contains curated content to learn Product Management if you are an Engineer. I have been an engineer all my life and I recently switched to product management.

Skill level: Mid-level
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Curated by: Sooraj
If you are an Engineer, who wants to make a career switch into product management, this can help you.
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This session will be covering about the methods and practices followed for effective communications, along with polishing your presentation and decision making skills.

Resources: 7

Mindset And Thinking

This session introduces how to sculpt an efficient mindset and thinking culture inorder to be a successful product manager.

Resources: 4

Customer Interviews

this session will help you to understand your customers' needs and the contexts in which they're using your product or service in a better way.

Resources: 2


In this session we will be learning all the basics of product discovery.

Resources: 1

User Onboarding

This session is all about the frameworks for user onboarding.

Resources: 4

Roadmapping And Prioritisation

Resources: 6

Engagement And Customer Experience

In this chapter we will learn ways on how to maximise the engagement and about Creating a customer experience that delights, engages, and keeps customers coming back.

Resources: 2


This session is about defining product metrics and and ways for how to pick a good metric.

Resources: 2


This will be a basics 101 to processing strategies of product management.

Resources: 3

Product Marketing

We learn about steps involved in a product marketing process, and how to improve your marketing skills as a product marketer.

Resources: 2

Release Communication

We will discuss about all the things which are needed to be followed while a product release.

Resources: 4

SaaS Pricing

This sessions teaches you about SaaS Pricing Strategy and how to choose the best B2B pricing strategy for your product.

Resources: 2

Product Led Growth

In the session we talk about what is product Led growth and how is it different from other marketing strategies.

Resources: 4

Hiring And Leadership

Resources: 3

Basics of Design and UX

Resources: 2

Working with Others

This session is about how to work out team dynamics and how to be more productive working as a team.

Resources: 4

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