Front-end development in React

You'll learn the basics of Front-end development and programming. Start from absolute zero and finish as a developer who can build an app in react. Also, make sure your quality of code meets the industry standard.

Skill level: Beginner
ProgrammingDevelopment Basics
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Curated by: Sooraj
I started my career as a front-end developer.
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Basics of programming

Here we learn the basic concept of programming.

Resources: 1

Version control

In this session we will learn about tracking and managing the changes in the source code.

Resources: 3


Let's Learn all about HTML

Resources: 1


This CSS learning session will teach you from basic to advanced.

Resources: 5

CSS Frameworks

Let's learn about CSS frameworks.

Resources: 2

Basic Javascript

A session on basic concepts of Javascripts.

Resources: 2

Web Concepts

Let's learn about different web concepts

Resources: 7

React JS

Learn all about the most efficient and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

Resources: 8


Here you will learn about Graphql and how to integrate it with React.

Resources: 2

SSR with Next JS

Learn about concepts of server side rendering with Next JS.

Resources: 1

A better version of yourself awaits you!