Critical Thinking and Decision Making

Critical thinking is one of the basic decision making and problem solving techniques. The ability to think systematically and rationally is a skill we need groom ourselves for better decision making. handling a situation in a very calm and logically can help your firm in all crucial conditions. Here we learn about how to emphasis your critical thinking which helps you in making logical and simple decisions.

Skill level: Mid-level
Life SkillsCommunication
The first principle of thinking:

Let's Learn about the principles of critical thinking.

Basics of critical thinking

In this session we will discuss about how to gain the ability for reflective and effective thinking. And also how to connect logic between the ideas.

Deep reading on mental models

Learning about different mental models to help you through the core mindset strategy for the product growth.

Improve decision making

Decision making process can help you make more deliberate, thoughtful decisions by organizing relevant information and defining alternatives. Lets get to know how to be a better decision maker.

A better version of yourself awaits you!